Fry-Cain "SmileTrain" Campaign

Hello everyone!                                                  ------------>Go Directly to the SmileTrain Donate site<-------------

My best friend, Erin Cain, and I are training for the Ironman Arizona which will take place in Tempe on November 19th. We decided to race for a cause and teamed up with Smile Train. Smile Train raises money to send surgeons to third world countries so that kids who have cleft lips and pallets can receive the surgeries they need. Many of these kids are unable to smile prior to the surgery, so we’ve made it our mission to help them all get a smile!

To generate excitement about our campaign, we have decided to start a fundraising video challenge that we hope you will join in on. The idea is to make it fun and give a smile! You can click the link below to see the instructions for making a video or follow the written instructions below! Thanks for smiling!!!

What you’ll need:     (Click Here for "YouTube" Instructions)

  • A funny object that you can fit in your mouth that differentiates your smile
  • Someone to film you
  • A phone or computer to play some music in the background
  • A smile
  • And a computer or phone to donate!



  1. Print out this PDF file and fold on the dotted line  --->PRINT THIS
  2. Put the funny object of your choice in your mouth and put the folded paper in front of your mouth with the words facing the camera
  3. Turn on the music and start filming
  4. Move the paper away from your mouth and smile with the funny object
  5. Remove the object and say “I gave a smile today to the Fry-Cain Campaign, now I challenge (whoever you want to challenge) to give a smile
  6. Post to social media tagging the people you challenged and use the hashtags #frycaincampaign #smiletrain #gaveasmile and of course tag us @fry_X_cycle and @ErinWenteCain!
  7. And of course, don’t forget to make your donation.     DONATE HERE