Setback Saturday: Perspective is Everything!

April 2020. That was the month I was supposed to be marrying my best friend. And then everything changed. The world essentially shut down, the wedding will not be happening for another year, and it has been a disappointing and unexpected setback to say the least. And yet, we are staying positive through it all. Here’s why:

The key to positivity and working through many setbacks is PERSPECTIVE. Sure, I could turn into a Bridezilla and make sure EVERYONE was aware of how tragically distraught I am about the wedding being postponed, but I won’t do that. The reason is pretty simple. My fiancée and I are so lucky to have each other and our love. Solidifying and celebrating that with all of our friends and family in a few weeks would have been amazing. But in the grand scheme of the world right now, there are far more important things at stake. Thousands of people are dying and we must ensure that we work together to save many more. I can’t see my parents because they live with my grandma and my fiancée works in a hospital. My grandpa has been in the hospital for a procedure and my other grandma can’t be with him nor can she have contact with anyone else. She is in her 80s, home alone and nervous.

When you put things in perspective, it becomes much easier to be positive. I don’t say this to diminish anyone’s challenges or hardships. There will certainly be times in life when we will be the ones relying on other people’s positivity and support. But right now, we are in a position to look past this setback and do what we can to help lift others up around us.

As my mom always told me as a kid, save your tears for when you really need them. COVID-19 has certainly not been easy on anyone, but it is a great opportunity to practice perspective, patience and love. That is exactly what we will do until April 17th, 2021.

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