Sunday Salute: March 15, 2020

Every Sunday I am starting to send some love and appreciation out into the world with a Sunday Salute. Before I jump into who I would like to thank today, I want to explain why I think this is so important. Gratitude puts life into perspective. Even during times of hardship or sadness or frustration, appreciating what we have and more importantly who we have in our lives helps us realize how wonderful life really is. It’s gratitude that helps us overcome all obstacles that we will inevitably face every single day.

So today I would like to thank 3 different groups of people.

  1. ALL of our healthcare professionals who are going to work to help people while the rest of us are working from home.
  2. The NHL for thinking about the safety of their players and their employees 1st, despite the expenses associated with pausing the league.
  3. My college roommate, maid of honor and one of my very best friends, Marissa Gedman, for pursuing medicine to help others in need. You are working your tail off to reach your goals and I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Who are you saluting today with your gratitude and appreciation? How are you thanking them? Leave a comment below!

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