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"Lyndsey Fry Hockey" is proud to announce it's inaugural hockey camp series beginning with our debut event in Chandler, Arizona.  Lyndsey learned to skate at the Chandler rink and it means a lot to return here to kick off the next phase in her career.

Chandler, AZ - Jun 22-25, 2015 (Photos)

Albuquerque, NM - Aug 1 & 2, 2015 (Girls)

Centennial, CO-Aug 3 & 4, 2015 (Boys/Girls)

Littleton, CO - Aug 5-7, 2015 (Elite Girls)

On-Line Registration

Private Instruction

One-on-one training can be an important element in the success of any young hockey player.   Lyndsey is anxious to share the knowledge that she has learned over the past 15 years in competitive ice hockey at the Youth, Division 1 Collegiate and International levels .   As a result, she will be taking on a limited number of students during the summer of 2015.

For further details, please contact Lyndsey directly at lyndsey@fryhockey.com

Training & Nuitrition

Off-ice training and nutrition has been crucial to Lyndsey's success in hockey...and in life.   A proper balance of strength training, cardio and proper diet is a must for today's elite athlete.  Lyndsey will be scheduling a limited number of private and group training sessions to help you achieve your highest physical and mental potential.

Look for additional details on program offering and schedules in the coming weeks.