About Lyndsey Fry

Meet Your Coach

Fry coveted more than money and fame. She wanted to pay back a community that helped a little girl in Arizona with plastic skates strapped onto her shoes transform into one of the world’s best hockey players. – USA Today

Lyndsey Fry grew up in Chandler, Arizona. When she was born, there were less than 20 girls in the entire state of Arizona playing ice hockey. However, when she fell in love with the Mighty Ducks movies at 5 years old, she knew she wanted to be a hockey player despite the odds. She played with the boys until she was in high school at which time she and her family realized that if she wanted to continue on to college, she was going to need to play on a girls team in high school. She began flying back and forth to Colorado to play for the Colorado Select where she played all 4 years of high school.

Eventually, it all paid off and Lyndsey played 4 years of Division 1 college hockey at Harvard University (2015) where she received a degree in History of Science. During her time at Harvard, she took a leave of absence for a year to play for the 2014 Olympic Ice Hockey Team and won the silver medal with Team USA. After graduating, Lyndsey saw an opportunity to run hockey camps for girls in small hockey towns, similar to Chandler, throughout the US and started up her own business, Lyndsey Fry Hockey. She loved the business skills she was learning so much that she was inspired to attend Arizona State University and graduated in 2018 with her MBA.

In 2018, Fry was hired by the Arizona Coyotes as a Hockey Ambassador and Advisor to the President/CEO and helped lead the creation of two all-girls programs, Small Frys and the Arizona Kachinas which are the exclusive girls hockey programs in the state of Arizona. These programs have since become model programs for other clubs in the NHL such as the Chicago Blackhawks, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Washington Capitals.  

In 2019, Fry was selected to be a member of the NHL’s first Female Hockey Advisory Committee where she helps guide the NHL as they strive to be more inclusive of women and girls. In 2020, Fry was part of a team that brought the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association to Arizona and she is eager to see what is next in her hockey career!